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Indianapolis bed bugs seem to be on the rise lately in the area. With effective treatment, these bed bugs can be destroyed quickly with our heat solution. Our locally owned and family operated exterminator company will eliminate these bed bugs from your Indianapolis home the first time. If you are experiencing any other insect problems, our treatment will eliminate these as well. We serve all of the central Indiana area and will use unmarked vehicles to protect your privacy.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small, flat, oval, brownish parasitic insects that live on the blood of humans or animals. They become reddish in color after feeding and are wingless, but can move quickly. They range in size from 1mm to 7mm. Newborns, called hatchlings or nymphs, are about the size of a poppy seed. Adults can grow up to ¼ of an inch long. The adults are visible to humans. They can also live for months without feeding.

Where are bed bugs found?

bedroomAlthough bed bugs are traditionally thought to be a problem in developing counties, they are found throughout all of the United States. These critters have been found in five-star hotels and resorts and their presence is not determined by the cleanliness of the living conditions where they are found.

Bed Bugs are often found in or near the bedroom or where people sleep. Indianapolis homes, apartments, shelters, hotels, trains, buses and dorm rooms are very common places that bed bugs like to call their home. They tend to hide in parts of your bed, such as mattresses, box springs and folded areas. They can also hide themselves all around your home behind baseboards, upholstery, wallpaper, picture frames, switch plates, and in your furniture. Once you have seen or have bites from these critters it is important to have an Indianapolis Bed Bugs Treatment performed as soon as possible. They can travel a large area quickly. Although they tend to live within 8 feet of the places we sleep, they can travel 100 feet in one night.

Bed Bugs Cause Sleepless Nights

Bed bugs are considered to be extremely annoying and can cause sleepless nights and sores that can itch consistently. The scratching may cause a secondary infection if it becomes excessively. You can receive treatment from a local doctor to help with itching. But it is best to contact us quickly, so we can get rid of these pesky bugs as soon as possible.

Bites 2

Bed Bug Bites

What are the signs and symptoms of a bed bug infestation?

The obvious signs of a bed bug infestation in your Indianapolis home is the bites. These bites will leave marks on the face, arms, hands, neck
, legs and back while you are asleep. These bugs supply their victims with blood in a painless way, this is why many do not even know they were bit. These

bugs inject a small amount of saliva into your or your animals skin. The more they feed on one particular area, they more sensitized that human becomes which then develops a mild to intense allergic reaction. However, these bite marks may not appear for days, it can take up to 14 days for some people to even notice the marks. These bites can be similar to a mosquito bite, that is why many people may not think of bed begs right away. They will itch and can cause you to feel agitated because of the scratching.

Other Key Signs to look for in your Indianapolis home:

Infestation 3

Signs of an Infestation

  • Bed bugs exoskeletons after molting
  • Bed bugs in the fold of mattresses and other parts of the bed
  • Look for eggs that look like tiny pale poppy seeds
  • Dark brown or reddish fecal spots (bed bug droppings, excrement)
  • A musty sweet odor

How did I get bed bugs?

Indianapolis Bed Bugs can hide very well in your homes or elsewhere. With their flat bodies they can fit into very small spaces and can live for months without feeding. Therefore, bed bugs are transported when traveling. They can be found in hotel rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and virtually anywhere people sleep. They will cling to your luggage, bags, clothing and furniture. If you are traveling try not to leave your bags on the ground. Place them in the closet on a shelf. Perform a thorough room inspection when you do arrive to stay. When checking the bed, search the front and around the piping of the mattress. Avoid placing your items on the floor; if possible place them in the closet or shelves in the room. When buying used furniture, inspect this before purchasing. The last thing you want to do is carry these critters back to your Indianapolis home. Most of the time when people travel, they do not think there is a possibility to carry these bugs back to their Indianapolis homes.

Our Treatment and Solution

Our company’s solution to eliminate these bugs from your Indianapolis home is heat. Heat permeates all items in the home and kills ALL of the bed bugs with one single treatment. We heat the home to 135 degrees F for several hours, however they will die within 1 minute at 120 degrees F. Out treatment will come in contact with every item, including the center of the mattresses. This will make sure that all these bugs are destroyed so you can return to your normal life.

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If you think your home is infested with bed bugs, contact our exterminators as soon as possible as these bugs travel rapidly. Our goal is to examine your Indianapolis home, we will then provide the best solution and our exterminators will treat your home with heat to eliminate these critters once and for all. If you have any questions about our company, feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. We look forward to assisting you.

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