Bed Bug Exterminators Indianapolis

Bed Bug Exterminators Indianapolis

Bed Bug cases in the Indianapolis area have risen in the past few years. Maybe it’s because these little critters have become resistant to pesticides. Bed Bugs are small, oval, brownish insects that live on the blood of humans and animals. They feed mainly at night and live in human environments.

A Bed Bug is very tiny, but they can be seen by the naked eye. Many people think they are so small they cannot be seen, but this is not true. They can grow to 6.5 millimeters in length. When they do bite you, it tends to be similar to a mosquito bite. They inject an anesthetic and anticoagulant that prevents a person from even realizing that they were bitten. Days later, the red marks appear. These can be irritating, that is why it is best to have exterminators come as soon as possible to your Indianapolis home.

Bed Bugs Travel Quickly

exterminatorsBed Bugs are carried from one place to another. Hotels are a common place that they can infest, since there are so many people coming and going. Once the bed bug latches on to you, you can then carry this to your Indianapolis home. Anyone entering your home can be a target for them and they too can then bring these bed bugs back to their home and so on. They can also be in cars and used furniture. So be careful if you buy furniture online or at a resale shop.

If you are staying at a hotel, check the reviews to see if anyone has had any issues with bed bugs. Perform a thorough room inspection when you do arrive to stay. When checking the bed, search the front and around the piping of the mattress. Avoid placing your items on the floor, if possible place them in the closet or shelves in the room. When buying used furniture, inspect this before purchasing. The last thing you want to do is carry these critters back to your Indianapolis home.

Our Company is Here To Help

Now that you are informed on what bed bugs are and how to possibly avoid catching them, what happens if you take all the precautions, but they still somehow manage to sneak into your home. Our Bed Bug Exterminators Indianapolis company is here to help. We use a heat method to get rid of your bed bugs for good! Our company has a proven record of killing these nasty bugs the first time. Whether you have bed bugs in your bed or furniture our exterminators will get rid of these pesty creatures once and for all.

Our Bed Bug Exterminators Indianapolis Solution

The Solution – Heat

Using Heat to kill bed bugs is the only 100% effective solution:

  1. You can’t starve bed bugs by leaving for awhile. An adult bed bug can live without food for over a year.
  2. Chemicals used today cannot kill all stages of the bed bugs, therefore they have to be re-applied multiple times over several weeks. Meanwhile you still have to live with the beg bugs in your Indianapolis home.
  3. Steam and other treatments must hit the bed bugs directly. Therefore some hide and survive the treatment.
  4. Heat permeates every item in the home and kills ALL of the bed bugs with one treatment. A bed bug will die in 1 minute at 120 degrees F. However, our exterminators heat the home to over 135 degrees F for several hours to make sure heat gets into every item in the home, including the center of mattresses. 

What to Expect From our Bed Bug Exterminators Indianapolis

Keep your Indianapolis home pest free with our expert exterminators. They are trained and experienced to get rid of your bed bugs the first time.

Expect our trained Indianapolis Exterminators to:

  • Arrive on time
  • Have a professional appearance
  • Inspect your home thoroughly
  • Recommend a solution and treatment plan best for your needs
  • Explain in detail the plan of attack
  • Protect your Indianapolis home and property
  • Get rid of your bed bugs the first time

After the heat treatment

When you arrive back to your Indianapolis home, it will still be warm from the treatment. Don’t be alarmed when you see your possessions moved around. Our Exterminators need to move things around in order to evenly distribute our heat solution. This way they can make sure all items were treated and those pesty bed bugs will disappear.

Contact Indy Bed Bugs today!

If you suspect that you were bitten by these pesty critters, since they reproduce rapidly, it is best to contact our exterminators as soon as possible. Our goal is to examine your Indianapolis home, provide the best solution for your needs and get rid of your bed bugs for good. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have and to get started on your solution today. Choose us for all your bed bug needs.