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“… I was particularly impressed with his 60 day warranty, something the other companies didn’t offer, and that he used three remote thermometers and a laser thermometer to make certain the heating process worked in every nook and cranny of the infected areas! All I can say is thank you BedBugs Indy and Eric Moore, you saved my place in the family gatherings for the holidays!”

Scott from Mooresville

Google 5 Stars Small“I HIGHLY recommend this company. We had a serious issue in one room especially. They kept coming out until the problem was taken care of. The best part was I didn’t have to keep calling them. They called me weekly to check in and had no issues whatsoever in coming back until they were confident the issue was taken care of. They even came back one more time after I gave the all clear just to be safe. We sure got way more than our moneys worth.”


Carla from Whiteland

Google 5 Stars Small“I would recommend BedBugs Indy to ANYONE needing bed bug extermination! After doing some extensive research, I learned that BedBugs Indy was HIGHLY QUALIFIED in bed bug extermination!! They are VERY professional, can answer ANY question you might have and are very helpful in all aspects of the extermination. I chose BedBugs Indy over several well known brand name extermination companies!”


Sarah from Muncie

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a few things to know

The Bed Bug

Fact 1

You can’t starve bed bugs by leaving for a couple of months. An adult bed bug can live without feeding for over 1 year.

Fact 2

Treating bed bugs yourself with store bought chemicals can cause them to scatter into other apartments or hide in places that make them harder to eradicate.

Fact 3

Heat permeates every item in the home and kills ALL of the bed bugs with one treatment. All stages of bed bugs die in 1 minute at 120 degrees F. However we heat the home to over 135 degrees F for several hours to make sure heat gets to into every item in the home including the center of mattresses.

Why choose

Bed Bugs Indy

When you call us, we show up on time, kill all the bed bugs in your home in one treatment, for less money than the competition, and guarantee the results. This means service you can count on. Our Bed Bug Exterminators service Indianapolis and all the surrounding areas.
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